5 times Yasmin Wijnaldum proved she is the ultimate “Runway Goddess”

Analysing the models’ most remarkable runway struts

Pulkit Srivastava
6 min readAug 7, 2021
Yasmin walking for Brandon Maxwell’s Spring Summer 2020 Collection

When a Design Moghul like Jeremy Scott, says, “She has the walk out of this world with the legends of Naomi and Linda”, you know the model he is talking about is nothing less than an exception.

She is tantalizing, fierce, and has a jawline that you’d feel lucky to be slaughtered by.

Who’s she you ask?

Well, it’s none other than the remarkable Yasmin Wijnaldum, whose gait is like a fierce lioness, and every time she’s on the runway, you cannot veer your eyes in any other direction.

Yasmin started her modeling career at just sixteen, and the industry must be thankful she did. A prominent part of the modeling industry is the runway walk. A walk determines the legitimacy of being a Model. There’s a reason some names like Tyra, Naomi, Gisele, Candice, etc. are as household as the television itself.

Recently, it has been said that the industry has lost its charm and they don’t have models as they did in the early 2000s. While it cannot be denied that the 2000s had a unique charm, some today have ensured that the term “Supermodel” does not fade, and Yasmin plays a significant role in making the term tangible.

Yasmin’s walk feels current, yet vintage at the same time. Assimilated by the sexy-exaggerated footwork of Naomi, and the fierce facials of Candice, here are five times when Yasmin Wijnaldum proved she was the ultimate runway goddess.

1. Brandon Maxwell Spring Summer

Yasmin walking for Brandon Maxwell’s Fall 2020 Ready to Wear Collection

Yasmin’s walk at the Brandon Maxwell show yelled “Goodbye Mediocrity, Bonjour Supremacy”, every time she graced the runway.

“Yasmin Influence” needs to be legit terminology in the Fashion Industry.

Give her a pair of high waist shorts, a curve-skimming sheer dress, or a white slinky gown, Yasmin knows how to conquer the essence of each outfit through her walk.

When she walks in her crepe pink shirt, along with those black high-waist shorts, and pointy stilettos, she looks nothing less than a Modern Aphrodite going on a Fashion Quest.

Yasmin walking for Brandon Maxwell’s Fall 2020 Ready to Wear Collection

We are sure, even the runway she walked on was grateful. Yasmin’s laid-back hip swings, exquisite shoulder movements, expressions of a lioness, and fierce footwork make her look like a transcendent deity.

Especially when she walks with her hair open, we cannot stop yelling “Damn”. In the sheer green gown, her walk is fierce, yet subtle. In the white body-con gown, her walk is elegance personified, and hip movements out of this world.

The high-waist shorts look resembles that of Naomi Campbell’s iconic, Dolce and Gabbana’s look in the year 2003.

2. The Redemption Show 2020

Gabriele “Bebe” Moratti is said to have dedicated his Redemption fashion shows to different genres of music.

Yasmin’s a perfect muse, isn’t she? Her walk is like a Beyonce soundtrack. Sultry, Edgy, and full of Powerful Melody. The strapless black dress with a single sleeve looked like a dream on her. Yasmine’s walk made the silhouettes in the outfit come alive.

She is like an embodiment of striking and sophisticated, and her walk here was the amalgamation of the two.

Yasmin once said in a Vogue Interview, that different types of outfits require a distinguished kind of walk.

“Some outfits require a fierce walk, some elegant, while some a very boyish walk”, she said while practicing for Moschino’s epic Subway Fashion show. And she justifies her statement, every single time.

Yasmin’s walk at the Redemption fashion show is an ounce of flounce and possesses a sense of authority. It’s like she’s dictating the clothes to look good on her, and promulgating to the world, to dictate your outfits, don’t just own them, authorize them, and slay in them.

The clothes must feel lucky to be authorized by her. We know we’d feel the same.

3. David Koma

A literal manifestation of a Modern Fantasy Heroine, Yasmin looked like THE CHOSEN ONE in the show for the legendary designer David Koma.

Just like the crystals on the outfit, Yasmin’s walk sparkled in the dim light. Her walk was so perfect, it seemed an illusion. Too perfect, too ideal for the real world.

David Koma is known to have a fondness for sports, specifically tennis and that is often promulgated in his outfits. Yasmin understood the assignment and managed her walk just how it would suit the apparel.

Dangling hips, an alluring face, with edgy and powerful expressions, she made the term Runway Goddess tangible.

We must feel lucky that walks don’t have the ability to kill, else we’d all be knocked dead by now.

Yasmin’s walk here was like listening to Boss Ass Bitch by Nicki Minaj. You’d not wanna mess with a Diva like her.


Not only is she fierce, but she can also be a personification of elegance if need be. When Yasmin walked the runway for MÔNOT, she looked like Grace took a physical form.

Her slowed-down opulent hip movements, dangling arms, and sleek hair elaborated a story of a flamboyant queen who had flames for eyes.

5. Moschino Fall 2020

“I guess why people book me is because I’m different, and that’s what they like in Fashion, and I don’t know, it must be my walk I guess”, Yasmin said with a chuckle in an interview with Vogue.

Watching her walking the runway for Moschino Fall 2020, our eyes were immensely thankful, and they demanded we show them the clip again. It’s not every day we see a palpable Mary Antoinette saunter the runway.

A bit feeble, but elaborative, waist movements like magic, Yasmin’s unique ability to reinvent her walk based on the themes, and the shows sets her apart from her contemporaries.

Yasmin’s all runway divinity with the gold brocade on denim outfit. If they win wars with walks, everyone would kill to get Yasmin on their side.

Her walk here is like a Victorian Weapon, aiming straight to kill.

Yasmin Wijnaldum is a force of nature on the runway. She brings tornadoes with her fierce walks, and if need be, a calm breeze of elegance. Overall, she owns the runway, and is a LEGEND IN THE MAKING. We have forecasted it, and when she is how runway walks are known , we will be yelling, “we said it first”.



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