Conan Gray’s Upcoming Sophomore Album “Superache” Is A “Gen-Z Necessity”

Get your window seat, ready folks, we’re gonna get a new album that helps us pretend we’re the main character of a Sad Song.

Pulkit Srivastava
3 min readApr 13, 2022

Take Lana Del Rey’s melancholy, add a tweak of Troye Sivan’s aesthetics, and consolidate Taylor Swift’s vulnerability with it, and you get a major fragment of Conan Gray, who Rolling Stone quotes as, “Gen-Z’s Favorite Sad Boi.” With his songs, he’ll make you crawl out of the window, away from a mundane party where music is too loud, and it won’t matter if you are sober, or sloshed, you are bound to get drenched in what the Gen-Z calls, a tragedy aesthetic, which has been heralded by the likes of Lana Del Rey. Gray takes a comparatively modest approach to promulgate sadness with his cathartic melody. His music makes you feel homesick for a place, you might even not know, a fantasy land perhaps, and sometimes it’s all the acknowledgment we need.

Now, the “Wish you were Sober” hitmaker is here to dismantle our hearts again with his new album, “Superache”, and just like every time, we’re all here for it. With the despondent lyricism, Gray makes distortions appear an artwork, and whether this album diminishes us to our gloom, or heals us, remains unknown.

Get your window seat ready folks, we’re gonna get a new album that helps us pretend we’re the main character of a Sad Song.

Through an Instagram post, Conan announced the release of his new Sophomore album, “Superache”. On a pitch-dark ground, crimson red roses transpire together to form a heart, which becomes a mansion for Conan in the picture. With a needy gaze, Conan lays down against the fused flowers in a black tuxedo, both his hands integrating as if adaging the absence of someone to hold his hand, so all he has is himself on a gloomy night. One gets a slight reminiscent of Lana Del Rey’s Honeymoon Album Cover, the indigent gaze and the crimson red roses are quite synonymous. The picture says a lot about what the album contains, Loneliness, Broken Friendships, Grief, and basically, everything that’s the cost of living with a “heart”, as inferred by the heart in the image.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Conan says, “Superache is definitely a vulnerable album, but not without its sarcasm. It’s a story of heartbreak, friends, yearning, mourning, and grieving parts of your past you ignored for years.” The brilliance alchemy of his art is solidified with merely a picture, one can only imagine the intimacy and nostalgia this album is about to unveil.

Gray has never shied away from showcasing his vulnerable self. That is a part of what makes his listeners a part of him, it strikes a chord with the feelings they possess.

We’re waiting for Superache to release, so we can sit around with our feelings, close our eyes, and manifest the main character in a Music Video. Pull up y’all.



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