How to not fall for Harry Styles?

Wondering if this outfit made him taste like, as he’d say “strawberries on a summer evenin.”

Pulkit Srivastava
4 min readSep 12, 2021


I have always relished 1-Direction, but I wasn’t always anticipating their new album like a few of my pals. So I guess, I wasn’t a die heart fan. I won’t deny occasionally musing to “Night Changes” while sitting isolated in front of an empty football ground, but I wasn’t distorted like the rest of the world when One Direction separated. My admiration for Mr. Styles developed when 1-D had become a thing of the past, and majorly because of his visionary outfit choices than his soulful melodies. His stereotypes-shattering ensembles are to be credited for introducing me to the music of Harry Styles. He promulgates that outfits have no gender, and a man wearing a dress at a fete, shouldn’t be a factor for raising eyebrows.

Soon, Mr. Styles did something quite suitable to his name; He was seen gracing the Met Gala 2019 wearing a sheer black shirt that elevated heartbeats. Even a clairvoyant couldn’t have predicted the tornadoes he’d bring on the carpet. Harry became the herald for a new definition of Fashion. With ruffles and puffed sleeves, the Gucci ensemble surely was toe-twirling. That was it, the moment I fell for Harry Styles. I started listening to all his old songs, binge-watched his old videos, and I wonder if I should be sharing this, but found out some fanfiction with the name Larry, but refused to read it. (If you too haven’t read any, let’s chat about that bestie).

Harry Styles at Met Gala 2019: Courtesy of Getty

Then, in December 2020 Mr. Styles became the first solo man to emblazon the Vogue Cover, where he served looks in a dress not only personifying Divinity but also murdering toxic masculinity. He soaked up all the admiration I had for anyone else in Fashion. In some of the pictures for Vogue, Harry wore a crinoline and stole the Victorian vintage with the ruffles and tulles all over. The illusionary ball-gown was paired up with a tuxedo jacket to complete the look. The Guardian called him the face of Gender-neutral Fashion. Is there anything more iconic than the legendary singer crumbling the pigeonholes? Men from all around the world took the internet by storm mentioning how they didn’t feel forbidden anymore. To be able to make people feel represented is substantial, to make them feel “un-forbidden” is going a step beyond. It’s cathartic in ways one can only imagine.

Harry Styles for Vogue: Courtesy of Vogue

I was still not over his crinoline and sheer shirt, and Styles did it again, he made me sing tune a verse of RED for him in my head when I saw his outfit at his Las Vegas Concert of Love on Tour.

Harry’s Twitter

Harry is an aesthetic constellation that overpowers all celestials in his “Love on Tour” Las Vegas Concert. In his merlot bling vest with dramatic fringes, that danced alongside the singer, he appeared a Crimson Radiance. Flare trousers along with nude boots were a sight to behold and complemented the ensemble.

We’re wondering if the outfit made him taste like, as he says “Strawberries on a summer evenin.” Well, that’s for Olivia to know.

Gucci’s Alessandro Michelle’s outfit makes Harry look like the Charm-God he is. Well, Harry has the capability to flutter hearts. The butterfly tattoo surely didn’t stay with Harry, it reached the tummies of the entire world, thus increasing their appetite for more of Harry Styles. It’s not the first time he has graced a Michelle-designed outfit. They go way back. Remember the sheer black ensemble Harry wore to Met, it was all Alessandro, the creative director at Gucci. Talk about a match made in heaven.

Well served Harry, May we always be blessed and see you shatter other conventions, one outfit at a time. Oh, and if you are wondering, it’s impossible to not fall for Harry, so don’t bother trying.



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