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I recently gifted myself a Macbook Air Gold, which has the latest M1 chip. I saved for more than a year to get myself a new laptop, and I wanted one which could make my work more efficient, and turn out helpful in my productivity journey. Needless to say, my Macbook has been a blessing. I was a bit sceptic of the hype going around the M1 chip because sometimes, they disappoint, but this has been worth it. It helps me film my educational videos with its phenomenal webcam quality, edit my videos in no time, takes less than an hour to get fully charged, and the battery backup exceeds all expectations.

Here are a few accessories that will further enhance your Macbook experience, and if you can, you must invest in them

1. USB C Thunderbolt Adapter:

Image source (Amazon India)

From my personal experience, I can say without a doubt that the efficiency and speed of a Macbook are unparalleled. I have used different brands before, but nothing comes near to the performance level of this laptop. However, there is one drawback. There are only two thunderbolt ports in the new Macbook Air, and it makes it difficult in case one wants to connect a USB device to it.

That, however, isn’t a big issue, because of the multiple USB-C adapters available in the market. The best part about some of them is that they are wireless and are available in the same shades as the Mac, and after connecting, it looks like an extended part of the laptop. No way one is going to miss the absence of wires, right. These adapters make your desk clutter-free and your workspace feels cathartic and you feel inspired to work better.

Image source (Amazon India)

The best part about these adapters is that they have got multiple ports to connect. For instance, you can connect USB devices which makes data transfer simple and effective. Some of these adapters are capable of 40 Gbps data transfer, and 100 W power delivery.

These adapters also have a slot for micro SD and SD memory cards. So in case, you are a video creator, you can put the SD card from your camera, directly into these adapters and edit your videos. Some of these adapters are capable of 5k video output. 4k is the new future in video creation and these adapters can make your editing and transfer process extremely smooth, which when complemented by the auspicious capacity of the Macbook, does wonders.

These adapters also have an HDMI port which gives an exquisite and crystal clear video experience. It just requires a direct HDMI to HDMI connection, and you can connect your Macbook with any dekstop. For those of you who like a big screen while working, this is simply for you.
Another remarkable part about these adapters is they are remarkably easy to use. No additional drivers or installation is necessary. I highly recommend buying the ones that have an aluminium body, like the ones mentioned here
Theses are a few adapters available on amazon which are remarkable. You can choose the one which suits your pocket.

2. Hard Shell Case:

Source (Amazon India)

It’s one thing that the Macbooks are pure magic in terms of performance and aesthetic appeal, but the other thing is that they are expensive, and hence it is apparent you need to take extra care of them. That’s when these hard shells come in handy. They come in a wide range of colours and patterns to choose from. You can pick the one which matches your aesthetic. I like the gold shade of my Mac, so I use the transparent shell.

Source (Amazon India)

These shells protect your Macbook from any kind of scrape or scratch, and it is super convenient to put them on. They are light weight and fit your Mac like a dream. They are fully vented for heat release as well. These shells also come with a keypad protector, which is immensely helpful in protecting it from dust and dirt and oily fingers, if you have them. They can be snapped off easily when needed. They can be cleaned easily with a cloth, and Oh! what a treat to the eyes some of these shells are.

Some of them have a gloss finish while some have a matte finish. You can pick up any which matches with your aesthetic. I personally love the ones that have a matte finish.

Here are a few of my favourites Macbook hard shells from amazon.

3. Laptop Sleeve:

Imaage source (Amazon India)

If you are someone like me who likes to visit cafes to do my work, or take your laptop out, you need to have a laptop sleeve to carry it. I have a few of them and I am adding a few of my favourite sleeves here. A sleeve protects your Mac from accidental falls, bumps, shocks and accidental scratches. So, now you don’t have to worry about taking your Mac with you at work, at cafes, or your travel destinations. (Although, avoid all that while Covid lasts)

The one in the image is my absolute favourite. The marble design looks so therepeutic to me. The extendable design makes it super easy to take it anywhere and the polyester material guarantees safety of my Mac. It can easily slide in my bagpack ot briefcase. Now I don’t have to worry about taking my Mac with me at my travel spots and work from anywhere I want to.

And to top it all, it’s water repellent. Can it get any better?

Get this laptop sleeve here. I have also added a few more of my favourites.

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